20131015-110823.jpg I have been out of commission for 4 weeks. Running feels great. Mile 3 was tough. Mile 7 (when I stopped) felt liberating.

Oct 13

Back on the horse


I have been out of commission for 4 weeks. Running feels great. Mile 3 was tough. Mile 7 (when I stopped) felt liberating.

Feb 12

Houston Marathon

To those who care, I ran the marathon in 4:24:50. It was better than anticipated by my peers and close to my practice runs. 10:08 min/mile pace is not such a bad one. Since I went to do the weekly grocery shopping later in the day and then I went to drink beers with fellow runners, I decided to run again this March, at The Woodlands marathon. And so the training continues.

Jan 12

Here we are, once again


A marathon this time. Let’s see how we end things :)

190 pounds of pure determination

Jan 12

First run of 2012


Only 12 days to go

Dec 11

Committed to the run

Back in the game and close to schedule. 18.5 miles last Sunday and counting. I am going to finish this marathon. Jan 15th is the date.



Oct 11

Half a marathon… For fun



If you know me, you know that running has never been my thing. But now, training for the Houston Marathon, half a marathon has to be run almost every weekend between now and January 15th. What a drag :)

I need to improve my calorie intake. I hit the wall this morning. GUs, dates, almonds… Anything.

Apr 11

Family Running Together


Today we ran together for the first time. Pablo and Marta did the family run, 1 mile, and we ran with them. After that Chloe picked them and Eulalia went for a 5k and I went for the 10k. 57 minutes later I am back ;)

The kids are happy. Pablo did the mile in 10min30sec, and Marta in 12, because went off like a maniac! And they were very happy with their free snow cone and medal.

Worth it!

Sed buenos.


Jan 11

At the GRB

5:45 and counting. Hot inside the GRB, mild outside. Drizzling.

Jan 11

Getting ready for the half

63F at 4am in the Woodlands

Jan 11

Joel Nana Kontchou

Joel freaking Nana Kontchou! For those who don’t what am I talking about let me rewind to May of 1997, when then quite high GeoQuest manager took for a summer internship for the MSc in geophysics at the IFP school. He gave my first taste of the oil industry, of performance bonuses and he arranged for me to go to Libya when I was hired on January 1998. A very expansive person.

So why am I talking about Joel? Because today I was doing my favorite chevron marathon activity, handing out tshirts, and who comes to the table picking up his? If you guessed Joel Nana Kontchou you are right! He just landed the day before from Congo, ready to run a marathon on Sunday and fly back on Monday to Congo.

13 years and Joel hasn’t changed a bit.

So, who is the next one to come to Houston to run the Marathon? Remember, I only hand out t-shirts on Fridays ;)

Sed buenos