20131025-114912.jpg My MiiPC is coming today. Power to the parents. In the kitchen. Android powered.

Oct 13

My MiiPC is out for delivery


My MiiPC is coming today. Power to the parents. In the kitchen. Android powered.

Oct 13

At the soccer game

Houston Dynamo vs NY red bulls


Oct 13

Freudian slip

During a meeting, I reminded everybody that October is “Breast Awareness Month”. Oops, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but breast awareness goes all year long.

Oct 13

Raspbian YES, chromecast NO

Interested on streaming? For 35$, raspberry pi is your machine. Chromecast is not. And the raspberry pi running XBMC is a brilliant machine. We have 3 at home, two over Ethernet and one wireless, and they are flawless. Zeroconf protocol to see the shared drives and read from them. Access to Ted talks, CBS news and khan academy through plugins… It is a gem for those who have opted out of cable (and ads).

Chromecast is not airplay but it wishes it was. I can download at 2.5mb/s on my Mac, but I cannot smoothly stream from chrome in my Mac to the chromecast. It is a partial solution, but for 35$ I don’t mind getting it wrong.

Oct 13

My MiiPC is on the way!


Your MiiPC has been shipped via the United States Postal Service!

Here is your tracking number:

We hope you enjoy your MiiPC.

Please contact us at miipcsupport@zerodesktop.com with any questions or concerns.

Many Thanks!

The MiiPC Team

Time to get the iPhone app

Oct 13

Back on the horse


I have been out of commission for 4 weeks. Running feels great. Mile 3 was tough. Mile 7 (when I stopped) felt liberating.

Oct 13

Raining all day


Oct 13

Why Windows 8 Mail is the worst mail application in the history of communications

Windows 8 mail is the worst application ever coded. Things that you cannot do easily: add accounts, select recipients or multitask on two emails.

Who develop the interface? Full screen? You can’t select copy all the recipients and then add them to another email, or if you can, only the display name is copied, not the metadata associated to it. Even using Surface, that layout has to hurt.

Thunderbird is not much better, but both Thunderbird and Mac OSX mail beat the be k out of Windows Mail, that by the way, had to be reinstalled after a botched upgrade from the windows App Store (testing much? Not that I am guilt free, but I am a team of one with 4 apps).

Heck, back to my Mac to forward emails. Shame Microsoft.

Oct 13

Today, I hacked

Someone gave my email as his email when getting access to Dish. Big deal, I have an appointment in Philadelphia with Dish. I’ll pass. Today I received my signed contract, with an account number, a cellphone and my email, but not my name.

I decided to try dish anywhere. And when they say anywhere, they mean it, because my proxy was in Sweden. I needed a 4 digit pin to activate. 0000 did not work. Neither did 1111 or 1234. And I got kicked out to a captcha, but I am not a machine (ladies…) so i was able to answer the question and keep trying. The last 4 digits of the cellphone did it. And there I was, watching Dish from Sweden.

Let’s see how long it takes for this guy to realize that my email is not his email. In the meantime, Dish sucks, even online. The ads are terrible.

Happy hacking!!

Update: the hack is still on, but the dish service is so bad that even free is not worth it. And Hulu, they can keep it.